Last 2,3 hours ATC at LAX in playground server.

Did anyone play at LAX in the playground server the last 3 hours? I was Tower ATC and it was my second time doing it. Anyone that experienced my efforts? Would like to know how I did. The only dangerous moments were when pilots choose suddenly a different runway than I said to them. Because it was sometimes busy, I ignored most of the outgoing traffic (after take off clearance). Also I used the bottom 2 runways for take off (25R/L) and the top 2 runways for landing (24R/L). Not every pilot listened when I told them to go to 25, instead of 24 and didn’t even listen. Which created dangerous situations for incoming planes.

After all I want to improve and need your opinions!


You need to work with Approach controller to avoid dangerous situations. LAX uses 25L, 24R for landings and 25R, 24L for takeoff. So I suggest you stick to these rules because Approach will likely vector inbound traffic on 25L and 24R. I got vectored for 25L and Tower wanted me to go on 24R. So if planes contact you on final for 25L or 24R, grant them landing clearance so the Approach controller knows where to vector inbound aircrafts.

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Thanks for your advice! Is it possible to communicate with Approach in the app?
And that runway documentation is very helpful. Is there a place where those official rules are written (also for other airports)?

That’s not the correct procedure, neither in IF.
Pilots not following these instructions are expected.

Unfortunately it’s not… For now…

@Laurens gave all the answers :) Another tip: You can send pattern work on 24L for departue for example and 24R for landing. 25R could be used solely for departure. You get gopd traffic flow and no delays. The 24’s are soo underused.

I want to be approach if someone wants a approach you van contact me I am not a advance ATC but that’s because they don’t have the test

Mainly for two reasons:
• Most of the incoming planes at KLAX come from the South;
• Lots of pilots want to land on the longest runway (I don’t know why), which is 07L/25R.

The irony is they never use the full runway.

i use 25r because its so popular and it seems so realistic. i bet thats why other people use 25 r only. its fun waiting in a sequence.

Yeah it’s fun waiting in sequence but if you are in the air and want to land on 25R you are a terrible person to Aproach and Tower :D that’s why I use 24R

Actually it’s not realistic.

@LSZH34 is right about the runways usage, Lax and San most likely to take-off towards East due to wind coming from the sea.

How can you work with an approach controller

Just cooperate. Approach cleared me for 25L and Tower swings me over to 24R. So these two controllers are IMHO not cooperating.

You listen to whatever the atc tells you to do. Atc can vector you to that runway but your with the tower now so you change runway and listen

If it were the case with us advanced controllers, then perhaps. When we do tag-team at airports (IE- tower + ground), we’re always in constant communication with each other via live chat in order to coordinate traffic. We won’t be directing you to another runway if approach clears you for one, unless something came up and we need to switch runways for some weird reason. It may be also that we changed our mind about runway usage and approach will vector everyone after you to the new runway. There’s a wide amount of variables in play here, so don’t ponder on it too much. ;)

I did and swung over to 24R. I was trying to give advice how to handle traffic easier. I didn’t say it was wrong what he did. Just to be clear…