Lasham >>> EGLC A318 (VFR?)

Hey guys, so I’m really struggling with setting up glide slopes pretty funny because I fly gliders 😂 but I’m doing great with VFR.
My question is if I fly VFR at 5000 feet from Lasham to LCY is that fine? Are there any other factors I haven’t taken into account. I realise people are quite strict on airspace and the LTMA starts at 4500ft so I should be fine? My aim is to do a circuit along the left side of the downwind at 2000ft then do my diagonals onto the base then finals and descent into LCY would this be an acceptable plan? Would love some feedback. Maybe everyone uses IFR for jets on here.

Sounds fine, what server are you using? If it’s either the ATC Playground server or the Advanced server then there could be ATC at EGLC. When you approach London City’s airspace you should contact tower (if there is no approach frequency open) and call inbound and they will direct you which downwind to enter to help them sequence easier. If there is no ATC then yes continue on your flight plan. ATC on the playground may not know all pattern instructions so use the advanced server for a more realistic ATC experience if possible/if you want. VFR at 5,000ft is fine (I think) if you’re clear of other airports airspace. If your route takes you through another airports Tower airspace then contact them and request a transition :)

I dunno if EGLC’s glidescope is corrected yet. :/

if the ^above^ statement is true: I’d practice on Solo with maximum visibility (so you can see the PAPIs) and then when you know roughly how to intercept the correct glidescope (e.g. inline with the PAPIs) try on Live.

Playground at the moment I only just joined the game yesterday hence why I am not experienced with flight plans and glide slopes especially when the jet makes a course change and the curve is so huge!

That should be fine just make sure your call sign is GA or you can’t fly VFR. Also if you have a flight plan flight following is the proper way to announce it rather then just VFR.

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No the glide slope isn’t correct yet.

It is corrected…

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