Las Vegas VOR Not Showing on Map

Hey everyone. I hope all of you are having a great day and enjoying 20.1. Thank you to all the Devs. The issue I encountered is that I can’t see the Las Vegas VOR on the map without searching for it. At first I thought it was an issue with the airport maps covering the VOR but this is not the case. At KBOS and KJFK the VORs are visible. Is anyone else encountering this or is it just me? Or there is a really easy way around it and I could just be slow today 😂. Thank you for your time.

Looking for the VOR on the map but I can not see it.

Searching for it and I can see it.

KBOS with VOR so it is not an issue with airport maps.

Close out the app and restart the device

Tried it and it still isn’t showing. Do you have an issue with seeing it too?

Some VOR’s arent showing for some reason, me and a few others have noticed this too.

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I’ve noticed a few, however it’s probably due to the high server load and incoming data takes longer to receive. Other than that, I don’t know

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Las Vegas VOR is a DME. TACANs and DMEs are indeed properly loaded onto the simulator (due to some being needed for certain procedures), but they aren’t rendered on the map at this time (they can be searched but won’t be displayed). For one of the next updates, the infinite Flight Team will work on rendering TACANs and DMEs efficiently. Hope you’re enjoying the update! :)


Hey I’ve heard that from Cameron earlier, any idea how we could still use them for DME arcs?

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Should be the same way we used them before.

Negative, you can’t select them anymore as nav sources

Since they are still in the simulator, you can search for the DME-VOR using the search bar and then tapping on the VOR tag to be able to use it for navigational purposes as usual.

More on How To Use a DME Arc:


So it’s mandatory to have them in a FPL?

To my knowledge, you can add it to your FPL and then remove it after you have it set. Once DME’s and some extra navigational tools are rendered and displayed properly, this won’t be an issue - but for now you got to make the best out of it until Cameron can find a better way to load all of this data while still keeping the map decluttered! It’s all part of being an AvGeek - we make do 🙃👍🏻


Thanks for the help mate 🤙


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