Las Vegas to Burbank

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av and now the Super Bowl is over and it’s time to head on our next trip with the brand new Spirit Airlines A320-200! So let’s go!
We are now at Terminal 3/E Gates and we are about to take the AirTrain to the D Gates and might stop somewhere to get a souvenir!

I was able to check my bag out for an extra $20 because Spirit is just Spirit! Now we are on the AirTrain and it basically takes us to the D Gates with underground transportation. Here we are and here he is! N692NK, a very fresh 1-month old A320-200!

Oh, about me yapping about how I was going to get a souvenir, I didn’t and why is because souvenirs in LAS cost a lifetime and I already have to pay the fee for baggage. Anyways, our seat for today is 26A! Sadly, Seat 26A is a standard Economy Class seat. This seat does not recline and has only 28-inch seat pitch. Also, it had no USB and no In-Flight Entertainment. The only good part about the seat is that it is the comfy Deluxe Leather. This isn’t looking so good so far.

I wish I got the Business Seats so we can hear the engines of this new A320-200. Wow! It’s almost time to takeoff! The legroom is good and the comfort was decent. Here we go! Bye Bye, Las Vegas!

Man, what I love about flying in the West Coast is that the views in the air are so beautiful and the Rocky and Sierra Mountains really make that happen. The best combo formula is a=m+c in which an equals awesomeness, m equals mountains, and c being cities. Wow, math that really affects someone. Anyways, we sadly can’t rate IFE due to the short flight-time and due to the fact that OUR SEAT DOES NOT HAVE A FLIPPING IFE! We are finally about to descent!

Well, hello Burbank! We are on final approach to Burbank with some wind decided to come and try to mess up the landing but hey, the pilots are pros and can easily destroy the wind. Who’s gonna win?

Looks like we have a winner: The Pilots! With the pilots skill, they used techniques like using rudder input at the right time to make sure they were on centerline. What a skill they have! Welcome to Burbank!

Now, it’s time to deboard. This flight was very amazing with its scenery and landscape. The seats on this flight were not that bad but I would recommend more comfort with the seats. That’s all for today, aviation fans and I will see you in the next one. Fly High, Aviators!

I hope you enjoyed this one and a honorable mention, this skit was inspired by my favorite Trip-Reporter: Simply Aviation. This skit is how he puts his videos together with my knowledge. Bye!


Been over for a while 💀😭


Spit airlines 💧🥳🎉


For those who wants to see Simply Aviation’s channel, it’s right here!

What’s wrong with waiting in Vegas for almost a month after the superbowl to go on your next trip?


Been trying to book a ticket without going bankrupt for a while after 💀

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Bro was stuck in Vegas 💀 thats pretty normal tho


Exactly! 🤣🤣🤣

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I agree with that. And I think the local textures help push the experience further, especially as you fly into the LA basin. I also did LV to LA two days ago, and was reminded how that whole area is pretty awesomely represented!


You can always gamble for a month💀


Who’d you want to win? Chiefs or 49ers?


My dad’s team: The 49’ers 😡