Las Vegas Shooting Victims Honored By The USAF

A Plane In Their Honor!

The US Air Force has repainted a F-15C To commemorate the Las Vegas Shooting Victims

The Aviationist

The F-15C will be on static display at the 2017 Aviation Nation Airshow at Nellis AFB on November 11 and 12, 2017.


Here’s a video of them repainting the aircraft into this beautiful livery!

My Thoughts:

With the Las Vegas attack, I am deeply saddened. But acts of violence will not go unnoticed or forgotten. With that being said, Im very happy that the US Air Force did this in support to the victims and their families! 58 lives were taken in that horrific attack on October 1st and their families still dont have all of the answers of why their loved one isnt here anymore. Sometimes you have to just feel their pain and help them get through it.

What are your thoughts?



Great topic @Balloonchaser !



Jack back at it again with topics with allot of substance and attention to detail, I have said this a million times but really you got to appreciate these type of posts these days!
My thoughts and prayers for the families of those innocent souls taken on that day, people are crazy out there man and you have to watch your back in this world because if you’re somewhere at the wrong place and at the wrong time you can turn up dead man, thats why you have to watch your back wherever you are, even in your own home.

But my dearest condolences to all the victims and there families, may the dead rest in peace. And the fact that there is a F-15 honoring them is just something that restores my faith a little in humanity, because it shows people actually care about other people and show respect.

Regards, 305…


#VegasStrong and thoughts and prayers with the victim’s families is all I can say in these troubled times. RIP and Godspeed


What do you know. A topic about this event that is actually worth reading. Nice job 👍
Prayers go out to the families effected.


#VegasStrong Thoughts and prayers going to Vegas and the church in Texas.


Heres another USAF Plane in a #VegasStrong Livery!


Im happy that they made their planes pretty and colorful and that they are going to keep them like that in support for Vegas and the families affected!


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