Las Vegas Sands Airbus A340-500

Hey I’m requesting that we have this aircraft in this livery in IF as I think it look good and we have a variety of Airbus aircraft in the game I also think it should be added because it is a very striking livery and it’s a very vibrant livery as well and I think it’ll look good in IF

Here’s some Info



I hope you do vote for this livery as it’ll also expand the category of airlines that we don’t see that often


I have searched and found no other results for this livery Request

Disclaimer: I don’t own these pictures all credits have been given to their owners accordingly

How did I never see that in McCarran Intl’ ?

I am in support because I have no votes sorry

This is a great livery, flying around the world in this would be great.

They have them there, seen the 747 and A340 2 weeks ago.

Shouldn’t the title say ‘Las Vegas Sands’,not Sand Las Vegas?

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That livery is beautiful and that aircraft just makes it even more the merrier!😍

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Very interesting aircraft

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From what university of google tells me, it’s the former Singapore airlines A340-500 that used to fly from Newark - Singapore.

So it’s like a private jet on steroids or what?

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Erm please elaborate on what you meant by this

What is a Las Vegas Sands a340.

I wonder who they fly on that… (apparently it’s a casino)

That 747 next to it looks cool as well.



I’m sure it’s where they wine a dine the high rollers or charter it for special events.