Las Vegas Photos


Hey everyone today I attended a event at Las Vegas here are some pics I took during the event I was in a Southwest 737-800 heading to San Diego I hope you like it I got some pretty nice shots of some planes take a look.

Server: Expert

Aircraft and Livery: Southwest 737-800

Time: Evening


Here we go this is were I was parked a lot of Southwest there this is probably my favorite one .

Next up here is we’re i was waiting lined up with some other airplanes.

Here is a different angle of me waiting in the line very close to a Delta 737.

Alright here is Continental MD-11 landing

Here is another view of it , a Delta 737 holding short waiting to take off

Here’s a FedEx MD-11 right behind me , all ready to go

Right behind that FedEx is a NorthWest 747

Here is a Alaska right by a Virgin America A320 , this is really cool

And finally me up in the air and taking off to San Diego after a long wait

Thanks for stopping by to look at my pics please feel free to give me feedback it’s greatly appreciated, tell me what’s you’re favorite down below. Have a great day/ night IFC. 😊👋🏽✈️✈️ Happy Flying

Please pic you’re favorite photo .

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Awesome pics, I saw that southwest lineup as well. Thanks for these!

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Thanks @meowmixin I’m glad you like the photos it means a lot 😊😊👍🏽

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Indeed nice collection of pics , for me pic 1 & 3 … busy gate pics and taxi ways 🙌

Thanks I agree with you I like photo 1 to @Air_Boss 😆

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Hey, I’m the 74 in the 2nd pic

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Also, that’s a continental DC-10

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Yep it sure is buddy 👍🏽😉 I’m glad you like it

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Love seeing all of the different planes and liveries!

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