Las Vegas night flight with my boy

Last night me and my son went down to Henderson KHND. We took off a little before sunset. Cruises at 8,500 ft average GS was between 150-170. We just had to drop off a gentleman since he plane broke. Headed out of Henderson at around 6:00 local time. Las Vegas departure and approach was excellent as always. They gave us Bravo clearance and away we went over the approach end of 26 into McCarren. Cruised home at 11,500 and arrived at home around 7:10.


Sounds like a fun flight! Did you fly a Cessna by chance?

PA-24 N224K

I post what I want 🤪


I see my house! Haha nice pictures man, I hope KHND treated you well


They always do brother


Nice! Hope you had fun with your kid.

Sounds like fun. Got to do a little trip with my instructor from Riverside to Henderson. Great flight. Nice pics!

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That looks fun!

Wow must have been quite a night
Your son is Lucky

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Father son goals! Nice pictures

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