Las Vegas McCarran International - ATC Choice Day - [CLOSED]

What up fellow aviators! Tomorrow (7/26/20) is ATC choice day and I invite you all to come stop by Las Vegas McCarran International! Also known as KLAS! The airport is known to have the most slot machines in an airport and is the biggest airport in Nevada!


I will be operating real procedures. Here they are!

Runway Usage Used By
26R/8L Departures Any
26L/8R Arrivals Any
19R/1L Both Any (Mostly GA)
19L/1R Both Any (Mostly Commercial)

Recommended Routes

London Town

EGKK (London Gatwick) to KLAS is our most popular international route operated by a British Airways 777-200ER. A great opportunity to fly the newly reworked 777! The flight is 11-12 hours long!

UFC Charter

OMAA (Abu Dhabi) to KLAS was operated 7/2thru 7/10 everyday nonstop with the Etihad 777-300ER carrying UFC fighters out of Vegas for Fight Island. The route takes on average 14 hours to fly!

The Rockies

The most popular route for 2020 so far is KDEN (Denver) to KLAS operated by Frontier’s A320 and A321! Fly over the Rockies and Grand Canyon on this scenic, 1.5 hour domestic journey!

Cold to Warm

The KSEA (Seattle) to KLAS route is a popular choice by IFC members! The 2 hour flight down south takes you from my home town to my other home town!

Love Field

KDAL (Dallas Love Field) to KLAS is operated by Southwest themselves! A great 3 hour flight from Dallas to Vegas! I have flown this route at least 30 times in real life and I was never dissapointed!






  • Light Traffic will unfortunately not be allowed. TBM-930s do not classify as light traffic.
  • Pattern Work allowed and recommended on 26L :)

I appreciate everyone’s help onto getting me to IFATC! It has been a dream to control KLAS since I joined Infinite Flight! See ya in the skies! Good Day!


I’ll be sure to stop by after my event!

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… Janet… 👁👄👁


Janet flights are fun 15 minute hops to not area 51

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Government when anyone mentions Area 51: 🤷🏻‍♂️👨‍🦯

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I thought it was only ATC Choice of airports served by the main hub, FAOR?

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After FAOR is fully staffed (Tower, Ground,and ATIS) you can open up anywhere

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Ah… I must need sleep then…

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I’ll see if I can stop by tomorrow! 😄

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Hey guys! Ill be open 2020-07-26T06:00:00Z2020-07-26T07:00:00Z

Hey guys, im opening now! Ill be open for 14-16 hours!

I’ll be coming along, probably a JANET flight then back to Las Vegas then to Dallas. :)

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Just to let ya know, they actually depart north over KINS :)

Ah well rip lol.

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That’s Doha but ok Kamryn 🤪

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Im smart. one second

okay fixed 👌

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@Kamryn Great service! I’m liking these flights. I might do more later today.

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I have controlled for almost 4 hours :) 12 left!

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so unfortunately, getting exercise exists.

i have to stop my 4.5 hour session to swim for 2 hours

ill be back…


Are you opening at all for the rest of the today?