Las Vegas Daytrip (LAS/LSV) | November 21, 2023

Decided I wanted to take a little daytrip out to Las Vegas and did a little bit of spotting at both LAS and Nellis Air Force Base. Ended up being a pretty good day on both ends. @Kamryn even made an appearance, too. Wild.

Las Vegas Sands 737-700BBJ departing past the Mandalay Bay

FedEx on the climb out of LAS, easily a top contender for the quickest climb of the day. According to Flightradar24, 5800 ft/min.

OT F-35s went up fairly early as a flight of 4

Can you see it?

Weapons School Viper on the flex

More Weapons School Vipers on the flex

Weapons School Strike Eagle showing off for the small group of us

A former 301st FW F-16 from my local base, Naval Air Station Fort Worth. Super glad to have been able to see this jet one last time before wearing her new LV markings.

Last but not least, a 4 ship of F-22 Raptors went up right as the sun went down. Not my greatest picture, but this one had a beautiful flex (the other one, not so much). The two following did an unrestricted takeoff, and while I was too far to get any pictures of, it was quite a sight to behold.

That’s it for this one, I post occasionally on my Instagram


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idk you started it


System gotta be my #1 hater fr


System knows this is a non genuine topic, you stole all of the photos smh they aren’t taken with CANON EOS 4000D




Yall are all trashing this guy. The system hates me to @Altaria55 and i don’t know why. Maybe he asked for the photos and who knows? He might not be able to plane spot in real life. I love the pictures and maybe he and @Topgottem went spotting together so please don’t get mad at me or Suspend me.

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Holy crap. I find this hard to believe, maybe a farry flight. The max climb at sea-level is posted as 5250ft/min at OEW by McDonald Douglas. I think this is a FR24 error. I have never seen a MD-11 operate past 3500ft/min.


We’re trashing him because he deserves it. Who posts a spotting topic without first putting it in their own DM?

I’m joking. @Altaria55 is a friend and he knows I’m messing with him.


Im sorry. i went a littile to deep

i did not know yall were joking him

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What? I don’t even know the guy. Your confusing me for some one elce

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IM so sorry guys @Topgottem @AndrewWu @Altaria55

I think he’s referring to my comment above in which I said the photos were stolen, and when @PhorzaSky tagged you I think he interpreted it as saying @Altaria55 stole your photo.

Please forgive😭

You’re good. I can totally see how it would be confusing if you didn’t know.


Thanks, good day!

I’m calling cap on the MD-11 photo thats just high AOA. Especially if thats Las Vegas. No way thats 5800ft/min. Fr24 error

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yeah 5800 feet. jit(fr24)trippin