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Source from the Las Vegas Review-Journal

What is up guys, I am coming back with another thread where I need some questions mastered (yes mastered not answered…okay I meant answered but autocorrect is on strike today). I am flying to Las Vegas for a 12 hour layover on June 14th.
I have been searching constantly and over a variety of sights for a map of sorts that shows where each airline parks and what what gates. I’ve looked on Vegas Airports website and Frontier’s website but both have led to failure.
Do any of you Vegas kids or frequent flyers there know what gates Frontier take up? I’m specificallylooking at Terminal 3 Concourse D where I’m told Frontier parks.
Thanks for any help and you can bet I’ll be putting up spotting threads again. If you have nay questions outside the purpose of this thread please feel free to comment below. I’m curious though if people have the maps I’ve been looking for… these are the maps you are looking for.

Great thanks in advance.


This is the best thing I could find. Doesn’t specify gates unfortunately, but it does tell you some stuff about where they are.

It doesn’t detail which specific gates an airline flies out of but it shows which terminal and concourse they do. That will narrow it down.

You could check the status of a random Frontier flight out of LAS today and get an idea of what gate(s) they operate out of.

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I’ve looked at all F9 flights from today and tomorrow on FR24 and Flightaware, and it seems that the most commonly used gates from LAS are D18 and D19, with occasional flights leaving from D16 and D26. Hope this helps!

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Whatever terminal this is, is where you will find them:

You don’t want to be stuck at LAS for 12 hours trust me. There isn’t much too see there. Go out to the strip for 10 hours then re check in.

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I appreciate the advice. I have lots of entertainment stocked up if spotting gets dull between rush periods. I don’t plan on leaving the airport as u don’t want to endure the hassle of security and since I don’t know one speck of the airport security system I have no clue how to maneuver KLAS.
But I’ll keep that in mind if I truly get bored (I have three different TV shows and a series on YouTube downloaded in case of drastic action).

LAS security isn’t bad I’ve never had to wait longer then 30 minutes in the line.

Roger I’ll keep that in mind. To me that sounds awful simply because I can get through DIA security in under five minutes if I come at the right areas of time.
But I won’t rule out leaving the airport. I think it’s the atmosphere of being at an airport and luggage and airplanes anwd boarding calls…listening to all of that while working on stuff for example makes my day excell in awesomeness.
But I do thank you for your help. I will keep it in mind.

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Brandon is definitely right, traffic at LAS is “slow” so to say and definitely not much to see. I agree with Brandon, definitely go for a short walk on the strip. You won’t regret it. It will be an experience to see if you haven’t been there before. The airport is relatively small and you can walk the airport in no time at all. Also depending on the time at which you go to the airport, it can be extremely quite. Have fun, enjoy and most importantly stay safe 😊


Agree. But be careful as time is a vortex at Vegas. Airport security can be worse depending on whats going on in the city. Weekends and Thursdays are bad as you get more corporate travelers. The taxi stand may also be a long wait.

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Well I’m doing this all on a Wednesday so that’s a good tip. Besides, like I said, when the lulls hit (and I’ll have FR24 so I’ll know when that is coming) I will have lots to entertain myself with.
But guys, you all are amazing to offer advice. Thanks!

I will heed your wise words of caution. Safety is on my list to pack.

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