LAS runway bug

Operating system:

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Hey, do you mind telling us how this issue may be reproduced? Some more information on your device and graphics settings would also go a long way to seeing these be resolved.

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iphone 11 ios 16 graphics high

You really need to start including more information from start. Just one picture doesn’t really tell us much and it’s been a recurring thing in your #support topics.

Which runway? And as earlier requested that you’ve already added after being asked to do so; device & OS. The template is there for a reason ;)


Device: iPhone XR
Operating system: IOS 16

I tried reproducing the issue. Checked all runway at KLAS but nothing found

Just glancing at the image, looks like the runway indicators are in Cyrillic.

@Aeroplane747, what language settings are you using/have used?

it was English but i went to other airports and the numbers letters were normal

Which runway was this

What cardinal direction was it facing and was there a runway to the right or left of it

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