LAS Airport Plane Spotting | April 2022 | Part 2

Hello IFC! A little while ago I posted a topic of pictures I took at LAS Airport in April of '22. I promised a part two and that’s what this is. These are all the pics I got so this sadly is the last part of my April 2022 trip. These pics were taken leaving Vegas at the B Gates:

Spirit Airlines A320 (N602NK)

Several Southwest planes at C Gates

Southwest B737-800 (N8672F)

My plane that took me back home to San Jose (KSJC)

Sun Country B737-800 (N823SY)

SkyWest CRJ-700

Spirit Airlines A320 (I think it got its hands on the wrong colored WiFi box lol)

American B737-800

United B737-900ER (N75436)

American A321neo (N443AA)

I have one more set of pics from my arrival into SJC. Keep on the lookout for that. Have a good day!!



love seeing the evo blue here at KLAS.



N602NN is the registration for a PSA Airlines CRJ-900 that hasn’t flown in over 3 weeks.

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Ah my bad. Thanks!

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