Largest VAs

What are the largest VAs that are active? Thanks!

Aviation Airways Not really lol :3

Qantas VA is really big


TravelSky, Qantas, JetBlue, those are some big ones I can think of.


Skyliner was big, I don’t know if they are still active though, haven’t heard of them in a while. Qantas has a lot of pilots, PortsideAir/RoyalAirVirtual, TravelSky and a few more.


We are only 18 members here at Big Bear so not really big

I left Skyliner of the staff, who were really mean, which I assume is why others left.

United used to be a big VA, but then it became in active.

I think Qatar air virtual is really big

IFES (if it’s a VA) is quite large

BA VA is pretty big


DVA, has about 110 members according the the roster.

Easyjet virtual has got alot of active pilots and I would say it is up there with the biggest VAs

I’ve had some problems via PM with DJ (Hamza and Zach were very nice) when I was staff there. Then I left for TravelSky.

Back on topic:
I know Qantas, Skyliner and TravelSky are big.

DJ and Hamza was nice, but Zach was mean.

Banter va i wish :(

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Qantas Virtual. Currently at 235 pilots and counting.


Philippians is really big on IFFG’s virtual airlines.

Despite not being on the IFC forums, White Wings was very big last year, but I left because the staff is just ignorant nowadays and complain about other people using the generic livery.

I’m going with Travelsky at the moment, very great airline.

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I know that Skyliner has more pilots than TravelSky.
We have ~70 Pilots actually