Largest Region

Just wondering which region is the biggest!

I’m not sure, but I think it’s Chicago.

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Chicago, maybe Hawaii.

hawai looks bigger than chicago on the live flight app. but chicago is much wider

Airport wise, Chicago kills any of the other regions.

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Anybody have a definite answer?

Slightly off topic, but let’s see if @Carson closes this and says “necroposting”. I bet he will. Lol.


I really need an answer guys. My life is on the line. @Zachary_Meir_Tish might just kill me.

It’s Chicago


There’s a loooooottttttt of waterrrrrrrrr

I have to go to the bathroom but I’m not going to until I get this figured out. All for you guys 😂😜

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I’m okay with whatever it is, but I’d like to know

Carson says Chicago too.

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Chicago or Hawaii.
Maybe Sydney

Definitely Chicago

Global! I heard this region is coming in the next update

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South Florida