Largest plane you've flown on a U.S. Domestic Flight

What is the biggest airliner you have ridden on for a US domestic flight? What airline?

United Airlines. 787-8 from Houston to San Francisco.

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Wow… Mines only a Southwest 737-300 😜


LAX-JFK Boeing 757

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JFK - STT Boeing 752

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Mmm… An American md-80 I think.

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Probably an A321.

Edit: Just remembered I flew on an American 767-300 from Miami to JFK

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I wonder if anyone has ever flown this flight.

ROC-JFK Jetblue E190

Soon I may go on an A320 JFK-Sacramento

American 777 from ORD-DFW
Delta 767: SEA-MSP, ATL-SEA

Does a flight from JFK to Puerto Rico count as domestic? (I’m not to sure about American, Political Geography.) If so I think I flew that route on a Delta 757 (and a 767 on the return journey). If that route doesn’t count It’d have to be San Francisco to Chicago O’Hare, on a United A320.

Haha an a330 it was because they had nothing else and it was going to Amsterdam after. So delta a330-200 lax-jfk

my largest Flight was,

A321 US Airways from Charlotte(CLT) to New York(LGA).

B767-3OOER from New York to Miami

Why always American?

My biggest (only) UK domestic flight was a 737-300 from East Mids to Jersey.

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Yes, it is a domestic flight.

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JetBlue A321 from Baltimore to San Juan.

KEWR-KSAN in a 757-200

A340-600 JFK-FACT[Cape Town}

I think United have been using a 747-400 on some domestic flights recently.

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