Largest Airports in Each State! (Updated for Alaska and Hawaii)

This is the updated map! Enjoy the map!


News Flash: Im enjoying the map… But I don’t know what any of those airports are… 🤨


How was it determined if a state would have a 3rd place or not?

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ha looool….

Red Airports are the largest airports (KDEN, KBHM, KATL, KMIA, KPHX, etc)
Green Airports are regional airports with regional flights (KHSV, KSAT, KSAN, etc.)
Blue Airports are airports with very few flights (KMGM, KTRI, etc.)

I don’t get it. What does Biggest Airport mean? Is it how many airlines serve that airport, or is it the actual size of the Airport itself?

It is by passenger traffic/airlines and destinations.

Oh okay, because I was gonna say that PSM is more bigger than MHT, as PSM has a bigger Ramp area and Runway than MHT, but MHT is served by four airlines, and PSM only has one.

This map is a mess, I know.

Would be nice to know what each airport is. Just sayin

I know. It says ‘Useless’ in the title. I don’t know why I even POSTED this as it is barely even thorough.

It’s not useless. It would be better if you added the airports names on the map

Don’t be so harsh on yourself buddy.

We all appreciate what you posted! 😉😊
Some might not find it very clear, but we all appreciate it because we know the amount of hard work and effort you’ve put into this!

Only if the system allowed for full listing…

I’m kinda pissed that Raleigh is a “regional airport” lol. Does it count as a international airport if it serves London and Paris??? Anyways nice map

It is a class C and is dwarfed by KCLT, leading it to be listed as 2nd place, which does not fully mean it is a regional airport.

So if it’s green it doesn’t mean it’s regional like you stated?

That was just most (not all of the airports) that were green. KRDU is not a regional airport.

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Can you add a list if you don’t mind?

I’ve traveled through KRDU multiple times; it is one of the biggest around.