Largest Aircraft in the World Overhead | Antonov An-255 Mriya

Hello community!

The six engine beast, Antonov An-225 has recently come out of an 18 month long maintenance check and is now back in the skies delivering supplies to various different countries. There was a rumor that it was supposed to come to Zürich on Friday but that didn’t happen. Instead it’d been announced that the aircraft was off to Paris to deliver some supplies from China.

At 0840Z, @Chris_Wing came into my room and told me to grab my camera because the Antonov was about to fly over our house. Here are a few pictures I took:

The pictures aren’t great as the aircraft was at 34,000ft and my lens can only go to 300mm. Despite it not coming to Zürich, it was still cool to see it fly overhead. The engines are extremely loud. Even as it had past over and was barley visible, the sound of it was still noticeable.

Thanks for viewing my pictures! Stay safe and have a nice day!


I’ve seen quite a few pictures on Twitter of this plane today, but these are really great shots of it! Thanks for sharing!


wow! amazing shots dude, nice work!!!

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You must be very lucky to have this aircraft flying right above your head. The sound could also be loud as I remember.

This is a great picture! I also love the edits. 👌


Woow ! This is so cool :)

That last one is super clear. Nice pictures. :)


These are very nice shots! It’s very nice to hear that these planes and some aircraft manufacture testbeds are being used to transport COVID-19 supplies.

Now that’s a cool catch, and those are some great photos for the altitude it was at.

There are 6 CONTRAILS!? SIX!?


Woah, even with the 300mm lens you still got to show us the beautiful massive aircraft! Love it!

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Wow! That is so cool, and I’m amazed how well you captured that incredible plane with a 300mm lens! It looks super sharp!

Wow they are cool photos. It’s just weird seeing a plane in the sky. Where I live we usually get flights from Europe heading to the U.S flying overhead but haven’t seen any for what seems like an age.
Nice catch. 😀👍

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Don’t sell yourself short! These are some cool shots!

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Great catch!! So cool to see such a huge aircraft fly overhead.

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Love seeing the Antonov back in the skies again, lovely shots mate, I really like this one:

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Some great shots there! Its an amazing aircraft


That’s a big beast

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