Largest Aircraft at KPSP

What is the largest aircraft that can be at Palm Springs Airport?
I’ve noticed that when controlling there it seems like there are a lot of a380’s and 787’s and 777’s.


When it comes to things like that, bear in mind that some players on Infinite Flight Live and realism are as far apart as the sun and Pluto, if not more.

Plus, in Infinite Flight, there are only a few restrictions, so anybody can basically fly any plane almost anywhere.
Whether it’s realistic or not is a totally different story.

I don’t think anything bigger than a 757 regularly visits KPSP in real life although it would definitely be capable of bigger aircraft judging by runway length, but don’t quote me.


The only airport in the SoCal region that gets heavies and supers on a regular basis is LAX. That’s pretty much the case for most regions…there might be one airport in real life that takes the big boys. Until we get global, there’s not many realistic routes to fly…even then, you’ll still see unrealistic flight plans being made after global is introduced.

Thanks @BavariaAVIATION and @Codeman!

Not only you see those heavies and supers but you also see them insisting on asking to taxi or land on 31R… #smh :õ(


Haha that is too true …

Yes, but I do believe that KONT does have about 2 heavy spots, correct?

🙄😡😂. Had this happen just yesterday. 744, held short of 31R and kept asking for takeoff clearance. Each time I replied back to hold short of 31L. Must have done it 3 or 4 times. At least he didn’t take off without clearance. I got tired of it and finally gave him clearance only to watch him try to immediately rotate and tail dragged the full runway length and another 1000 feet beyond before getting airborne.


Oh wow! What a coincidence - it also happened to me yesterday but with a happier ending :). 777 taxied to 31R when told (twice) to taxi to 31L. Asked for take off clearance and I sent “aircraft is too heavy for airport” followed by “taxi to 31L” - and you will not believe… but he did pushback from 31R and taxied to 31L!!!

I strongly believe in positive reinforcement so I sent him a warm cozy “thank you” :-D.


Yeah I wish there was a “aircraft is too heavy for this runway” command.

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