Larger regions

Please make all regions large enough to make a 4 hour flight possible in a 737 700

Also add some more planes into non pro

Hi @Cheesecakeflyer, this would be a good idea to put in the #features category, unfortunately, you are still a basic user and cannot post in that category keep being active in the community and you will get there!

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Thank you for the feedback. I was wondering why I could not post in features and that stuff

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You can also search up regions in features and vote to show your support!

I don’t have IF pro

you can still post in threads in those catagorys, but you just cant start a new thread in those catogires just yet.

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Thanks for letting me know

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Hello, @Cheesecakeflyer! You may have noticed we recently expanded a few regions. The Oshkosh region was increased significantly and we also combined the Southern California region with the San Francisco area. This allows for some longer flights and gives you a taste of what you get with Infinite Flight Pro and it’s access to the whole world!

At this time we don’t have plans to increase regions any larger than that. Streaming scenery, even in Solo flight, does cost a considerable amount. I hope we’ll see you on the Live servers soon. We’d love to have you as a subscribing member and know you’d enjoy it! Cheers.