Larger Regions

So, first off I would like to thank and congratulate the IF crew on launching global, as its amazing!

I remember reading in pre-global features posts that regions would possibly be larger, yet they are not with the update out. For those of us who can’t afford the Pro Subscruption every month/don’t have enough free time to use the sim enough th justify a subscription, this could be a big enhancement.

So I have to ask if this is something that’s in the works?

Is this a feature request or just a question?

I believe they aren’t expanding regions for the moment. Trust me though, save up the money, global Pro is worth it 100%.


Can’t you fly into different regions too?

If you are able too i would save up that 80 dollars for Pro. 100% worth it, countless hours of fun in my experiences. You will not regret it a single bit.

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Yes, there is such a thing is region hopping on edges of regions as Laura explained on the Podcast. However, some region hops that are not connected aren’t advised.


You can fly from Amsterdam Region to Paris Region and London Region.

You can also fly Chicago to Oshkosh.

But the extra $5 an month is worth it because you will get all planes with global.

Laura said in a podcast before the release of the update that the regions would be expanded in the future and also one can fly between conjoined regions e.g one can fly EHAM-EGBB of course routing via the Paris region.


It’s both really. I wanted to ask about it since it had been mentioned, and since it’s a feature I want to see I didn’t quite know how to categorize it.

I’d love to try Pro, even for just a month. Problem is that I work serveral jobs and don’t make tons of money, so I can’t use IF everyday, and the amount of time I use it seems as though the money is better spent elsewhere, like on bills, food etc. being an adult sucks!