Larger Gate restrictions for small aircraft

I know that larger aircrafts can’t spawn into small gates, but what about if your flying in a small aircraft, for example an a320 shouldn’t be able to spawn in 777 parking spot and take up all the big parking spots, I feel as if they need to fix this

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Well, airlines have certain gates at airports for just their airline. So, say at klax delta has a gate for a 777 but the other gates are not able to be used so they have to send a 737 to a gate. If it’s the only gate available then they will send the plane there. So this statement would be incorrect. 1 time I was at a gate for a 767 sized plane in a swa 737 so yeah.

This would just ruin events all together tbh.


What about those gates that can serve two small aircraft and one large aircraft. (I forgot what they are called)

I think it would too rare of an event to have every gate large enough to hold a certain aircraft taken. I understand at smaller airports, this may happen, but there are so many airports in the world, I do not think it would hurt to fly the route in reverse (ex. Fly SJC-RNO instead of RNO-SJC if all gates were taken) or just find another flight to match your requirements.

MARS! (not the planet…). Multi aircraft ramp system.


It’s probably going to be a step wise process. The biggest issue was not a lack of gates for larger aircraft, but the continued insistence by pilots that they park heavies and supers at rediculous spots just to avoid taxi times.

That was the first issue that needed to be solved, so they started with restricting gates by a maximum size.

Perhaps, eventually, they will update it further to limit it on a more strict basis, but lack of gates wasn’t, and hasn’t become, an issue. That isn’t to say they’re done massaging the gate restrictions.

I can almost guarantee you’ll never see livery restrictions. Everyone needs to just get over their Home Airport Syndrome. A Delta livery at a United gate doesn’t stop the world on its axis like some would have you believe.


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