Larger ATC area

I was flying from Copenhagen-LAX, and the ATC said, “you’re in an active airspace, please contact LAX tower” But I was far out of range, there should be an expansion in ATC range.


Are you on Training Server?

This seems like a Training Server scenario

If you are on Training Server, don’t worry. A lot of ATC on there have no clue what they are doing and that includes sending on-guard messages to aircraft that are well outside communication range.


Yes I am on the training server.

Is the ATC range larger on expert? It has been a while since I last played expert

You can tune into a frequency from a farther distance by tapping on the airport on the map, and under the info tab, if there’s any ATC frequency’s open, you can tune into them

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No its the same as on Training.

My ban time is almost up though

Or sending on guard messages to aircraft in communication range but on Ground Frequency

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What then whats the range on the pro server?

I know its 28nm on training witch should be 34nm I think to match airspace sizing I think attest.

Lol thats me when i do atc (id rather fly then control lol)

If ATC is telling you to tune to them when you still aren’t able then you are fine, ATC is just being over eager. You really don’t need to be talking to anyone till quite close to the airport. IF has a quite simplified map but you don’t need to be talking to anyone till the blue/magenta circles/boxes around an airport.

At least that is how it is IRL, I’ve never tried to push that in IF so I’d be curious how IF controllers felt about that lol

(Sort of ignoring class A airspace since you are so rarely taking to anyone above 18,000 in IF)

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