Large text and buttons after update

İ have problem While my device updated smilator gone large how can ı solve tat pls Help me

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What? Can you explain better?

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Are you talking about how it doesn’t stay as a link? From the wording of your inquiry we can’t really interpret what you’re trying to ask the community.

Hi and welcome to our wonderful community! :)
If I understood you well you are saying that everything got larger after updating Infinite Flight. If that’s the case, please continue in the topic linked below as this is a known issue.

Also, don’t forget to adapt your post so it fits the #support category guidelines so we can do our best to help you and to solve your problem. Including important informations like device, OS and IF version will help the developers to solve your issue.

I would like to attire your attention to this topic as it’s difficult for us to know what’s the topic all about with a “Help pls” as a title. Don’t forget to categorize it too. Today I changed that for you. :)

I know everything is new for you here so don’t hesitate to ask any further question if needed. I also hope that your problem will get solved as soon as possible. Thank you! :)


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