Large Possible MH370 flap!

A wing flap washed up on shore of Tanzania this could as well possible come from MH370, Malaysia is hosting a meeting with the officials from Australia and China in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow (July 19) to consider the on going sea floor search for the sunk wreckage of the airliner. We seem to be coming closer and closer to finding MH370!
Does anyone know there Skawk before they went missing

I searched for a duplicate thread BTW


I think you mean MH370

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This means nothing the plane could have crashed anywhere in the world, in the space of two years who knows how far the parts could have drifted it’s exactly why all the other confirmed parts are in different locations


The article says it washed up in Tanzania and is being examined in Canberra, I think you should read the article yourself before making a topic on it 😂

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I fixed it, and I read it, I just forgot

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I still feeling sorry of those who likely lost their lives in such tragedy, and also I feel the pain of their families, because it doesn’t feel good when you miss someone and you’ll never see him/her again.😰


i really want a report from the FAA when this is all sorted out

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I feel the same, I know what it’s like to lose a loved one (not specifically family) but I know. It’s so sad, but at the same time your happy for them, they don’t have to live in this terrible world any more! I hope the Malaysian Government is doing the best they can to help!


If I remember correctly it is suspected to be from MH370 and now the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is going to analyse it to confirm from where it belongs. Hopefully it belongs to MH370.

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