Large missing piece at Toronto Pearson

Callsign: Air Canada 848

IFC Account Linked?: YES

Version: 20.2

Device Info: 2018 iPad Pro Running iPad OS 14.2 Beta

Toronto Pearson has a large empty space of taxiways and some runway. I looks like a gigantic square. (Picture below)

Steps to reproduce issue:

  • Launch IF (beta)
  • Spawn at CYYZ (I was in a B77W)
  • Use the free cam and look at Toronto Pearson at altitude to the point where you can see the whole airport

Expected Results:

  • Don’t really know what to put here, you should expect to see a big whole in the airport. I didn’t expect that…

Actual Result:

  • There was a big whole in the runways and taxiways at Toronto Pearson…

Other info:

  • The issue should be covering some taxiways, parking areas, and runways 15L and 15R

Here is an aerial picture:

Clear scenery cache in settings.