Large hill in approach to East Midlands

So in approach to East Midlands RWY 27, there is a large hill just on short final. Is it there in the real world? It looks so dangerous for incomes. I just did a landing with a 77F and nearly hit it.

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You were too low, that’s why. And no it doesn’t exist. It’s a glitch and has been reported numerous times


From what I saw in Google Earth, there is a very small hill but nothing of that sheer size.

I assume this will be fixed in the global update since there will be a new terrain system.


The hill is there in real life, but it’s obviously not as big.
Also, I personally never had a problem with it, so you’re probably not on the glide slope.

As global will contain a scenery / terrain update I expect it to be fixed.

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I live 5 mins down the road from EGNX and it’s certain to say that the hill is definitely not there. It annoys me every time I fly finals into 27.

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