Large Group of Unidentified Aircraft

I was casually tracking planes on when I saw this group of unidentified aircraft flying in a large semicircle. Any ideas what this is?

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government secrets

nothing of interest to see here

Probably a glitch or something though, they aren’t on flightradar24 or flightaware

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They are performing a strange ritual known as

the DME arc


Do you know what the aircraft types were?

It was unidentified they said.

No, they’re unidentified.

That’s just my insanely great ATC vectoring skills don’t mind me.

we all know i’m joking though :(


Honestly, there’s so many aircraft in the skies now days that it could possibly be the military, a glitch or just a coincidence.

As a frequent user of ADSB for military aircraft, my best guess would be just a glitch.

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Check the NOTAMs to see if the FAA is doing ADSB testing, I saw one for that a while back over Maryland

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