Large gray rectangular object

While I was flying from Düsseldorf to Brussels, I saw this thing on the ground:

This was on the IPhone5s updated to the latest version.

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Maybe a graphical glitch. Uncommon, but they can happen. Or AR_AR landed his UFO.


I also saw that when doing a flight between Amsterdam and Maastrich

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I’ll go see if its still there.

Maybe just a glitch.

I checked on live and solo and I still see the gray object.

Did you try restarting your phone?

Probably a spot the devs missed while making that region.

Can somebody confirm that in the real world that is not a concrete construction plant or something

I think that is EBZW.

Can you fly into it?

On that spot, get me a picture of the map and I will investigate.

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I will fly into it!!!

I saw it I fly the F/A18 into it for me it just throw me

It’s not at all

Probably because ebzw hasn’t ever been touched so it has all these rubbish stuff. It’s also why ebzw’s ramp spawn point is no where near

IT absolutely is. The airport was terribly drawn.


I spawned there and it had nothing wrong.

Not sure if it is part of the same drawing, but EBZW spawns on ground without concrete to the south of the field.