Large fleet VA's

hello all i was wondering what are the VA’s with the biggest fleets?

Check out

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There are many VA’s with great fleets. The most that I can find is probably AAVA, and I would recommend to look at @PHMEL’s comment above.

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All airlines with a ton of codeshares have a ton of fleets such as AAVA or BAVA

As an example here is a Fleet list for Qantas Virtual, with there scheduled routes, they also have a wide range of code share routes which includes BAW, AAL, Cathay, to name but a few.

As @PHMEL mentioned, is your best bet, specifically the VA/VO Database, where you can see fleets operated under the “View Details” link for a VA/VO.

Any VA/VO could make this into an easy advertising post as some already have, but the database will be what you’re looking for.


See the above VARB links for the list of VA’s.