Large disparity between 737 weights of and Infinite Flight

Every time I set up a flight plan (using simbrief) with the 737 (any variant), the take-off weights are always much larger than even the max weights possible on Infinite flight (if keeping passenger count and fuel amount identical to simbrief’s recommendation). I adjust only the cargo weight to closely match the website’s takeoff weight calculation. But even with max cargo, I can never reach the simbrief weight (simbrief is always much higher). I’ve noticed this problem applies to the 737 only; every other aircraft corresponds with simbrief well.

so…which one is correct? lol. does simbrief overestimate?

Shouldn’t you set up the weight in IF first and then type the number in simbrief

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That’s what I do. I think he tries to match Simbrief’s takeoff weight calculation which could be higher than what is possible on IF.

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So maybe it’s simbrief’s problem bro~

When you spawn into IF, set your pax and cargo. Se the fuel to 0. Then go to Simbrief. But when you go to the bit where you select pax and cargo weights, don’t fill in pax and cargo. Leave them in auto. Then set the ZFW, zeto fuel weight. In IF, at the top ofthe weight and balance screen, there is a bit that says “total”, if the fuel is at 0, that is your zero fuel weight. Hope that helps! I am currently making a tutorial that will cover this so look out for that if you want.


ty. do u have a youtube channel? where would u post the vid?

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