Large Amounts of Wing Flex When Time is Sped Up (Causes App Crash Too)

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American 5765 (Current at time of topic creation)

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Version Information

20.2 ( Build 468)

Device Information

iPad Air 2
iPadOS 14.0.1


Large amounts of wing flex that shouldn’t be happening when time is sped up when Low Power Mode is enabled/

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Start a Solo Flight with 77L
  • Stay at spawn point with breaks on
  • Use the interior drone cam and position yourself in the cabin towards the left wing
  • Set Time to 5X
  • Wait until device goes into Low Power Mode
  • Wonder what is happening to the wing

Expected results

No wing flex at all since there is no wind and we’re on the ground

Actual results

Large amounts of wing flex

More Information

I have been able to reproduce this multiple times with different liveries, different airports, and different times. The only camera this seems to happen in is in the drone cam. I have tried different cameras, but I have not see the wing flex, it usually just crashes. Usually after the wing flexes for a while the app crashes, this doesn’t happen every time, just sometimes for me. I only tested the 77L, but this may be an issue on more aircraft… The video of this bug is below.

More Information from IFC

Here is another topic that was closed but had the same issue

It seems this issue will not be addressed for the release of 20.2, but I wanted to bring this back to your attention with more info.

Video of Bug

Hey. Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, a new topic isn’t needed, as this has been previously noted. I’m sure that the devs haven’t forgotten about this. 🙂

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Thanks for the detailed report, but creating a duplicate (albeit more detailed) report of an issue that has already got a comment from the developers isn’t of much use. Cam clearly understood what the issue is, and the comment still stands that it won’t be fixed for 20.2.

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Oh, sorry guys… it seemed people weren’t able to reproduce it with the older topic so I pointed it out again with better instructions and more details to try to help. But, yeah, the mods can close this then


No worries. I was able to reproduce it, but I didn’t feel I needed to address that since it’s been noted. Thanks for your understanding!

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If a topic is closed, don’t make another one if you’re told that it won’t be fixed please. Thank you.