Large A330 landing in CYFC

I saw an A330 land in Fredericton international, I’m not sure what happened I just know that the largest Commercial Aircraft to land in Fredericton is the A310
It looked like monarch, sorry I don’t have a pic it happened so fast


PS the largest Aircraft to Land is the Antonov 255 Mriya

Monarch A330’s were scrapped last year

It was last year

Has anyone heard anything

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I think there was an M on the tail but I can’t remember
I think it was an emergency landing

Monarch retired the A330s? No!!!, iLiked that aeroplane with that livery :(

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There tends to be a lot of emergency landings in Eastern Canada since thats usually the first airspace many international airliners would enter after crossing the Atlantic.

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Yeah. Also ETOPS so you may see a couple of larger jetliners making ELs there.

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