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Hi everyone,
Question? Can you use infinite flight on the CPU., if so do I need an up to date Laptop or CPU?

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Infinite Flight is a mobile platform for the moment. There are plans of making a PC port of it, but not in the near future, but I guess you would need a decent CPU to get it to work at max settings if its ever released for PC.


What about a Laptop?

Nope. Mobile only…(handheld devices)

Don’t know about that. Sorry :/

Ok thanks Sturmovik/Keegan Gidley

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You can tag someone using “@” in front of their username and let them know what you think.

BTW I think you mean a PC, a CPU is something that is in laptops, PCs and phones.


Infinite Flight is currently only available on mobile platforms. As Ice said above, you probably meant a PC. (Even then, it wouldn’t matter if it were a PC or laptop; they both do the same things except a laptop is portable.)

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