Laptop Cooler for Longhauls?

I am currently purchasing a Laptop Cooler for my Laptop, where a thought appeared in my head, “hmm, can i use that laptop cooler to cool my phone down during long-hauls?” I don’t know the answer to this , my original plan was to put my phone on top of one of those fans, to prevent my phone to overheat, but i don’t know if a laptop cooler can cool of my phone, does anybody know if its possible to do that.

Putting it in the freezer is much more better and cheaper!


i wouldnt put it in the freezer…

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To give you a serious answer…

Yes, it works quite well. I use to one for my android tablet and it would keep it quite cool.


Just use a fan. Way cheaper, works just as well.

Even ones that are only a few inches work well.

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Laptops have actual vents that allow airflow to penetrate where most cell phones do not. Anything you do to keep the device cooler may help but in all honestly you may be cooling the shell of it but not actually the CPU. There may be some inherit heat transfer efficiencies happening.

You can try it but keep in mind it may not be the miracle you are looking for.

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Look people, this is the #support category. It is not a place to make jokes about solutions. We don’t want someone to do something that someone suggested as a joke and harm their device coming from a support topic. Please lets keep support professional.


but there is no way to charge it if its in the freezer. @PlaneGeek

Don’t do this please

what is the reason why its a bad idea to put it there?

This can cause serious damage to your device. Don’t do it please.


Most likely your device will auto shut down,
one time i left my phone on in the car and the car was like 100 degrees and my phone auto shut down and locked due the the temperature to high, i belive it does it for cold but please

It can cause serious damage to your device, i was lucky nothing happened to my phone in the heat.

oh ok, but so I won’t put it in the freezer, how about putting it on those laptop cooling pad fans?

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a fan does no harm as its just wind, a good thing is that on overnighters keep your phone in the path of a fan and let it run overnight to cool it

also remove all cases on the phone as air can’t reach it and it causes heat, speaking from experience

Or if you live in countries which face temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, you can turn on the AC for half an hour. It keeps the room and the phone cold for the rest of the night.

I agree with @Tsumia’s suggestion. I always place my phone in front of a fan during long hauls to keep my phone cool

But keep in mind, the fan would heat up too

Don’t most phones passively cool by having the CPU more or less in contact with the shell of the device? So I feel like cooling the outside would do you something. Now I think it’s certainly debatable what the effect would be, but I don’t see any harm in it, it seems like it can only help. The freezer is definitely a bad option…

Personally, neither my current iPhone XR or my old iPhone 7 heated up during long-hauls (even during 18-19 hour ones).

However, if you do need/want to cool your device something like this isn’t very expensive, and is pretty much just a USB version of desktop PC case fans

Yeah I liked that “Portable” fan

I have that here at home and using it on long hauls with 15-30 hours flight time

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