Laptop choice

Good day! So I am planning on picking up a laptop for several things but because I am not into laptops at all I am pretty overwhelmed by all the combinations you can purchase online. That’s why I wanted to ask for advice here in the IFC. What it should offer and what I need it for: First of all I need it for the joystick support for my iPad Pro 2018. Also it should be capable of playing some computer games on descent settings but it shouldn’t be a gaming laptop (it should look normal). Also I would prefer one with a separate graphic chip. At last it should be around 600-800 Euros. Thanks for helping me:)

Hey Maximilian!

This isn’t really Infinite Flight related, and I doubt that many users are qualified to help you out. I suggest you do your own digging online - there are loads of great choices out there. Take care!



Most PCs should be able to be compatible with Liveflight Connect. As @Maxim said, the post is barely even related to IF, I suggest checking out many websites, checking specs, et cetera and make up your own mind :^)

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See above :)