LAPA & Ladeco Seating

I’ve scoured everywhere on google, I went to the second page of google and further (up to the 5th page), searched so many keywords, looked at so many retro airline seat maps sites, and I have been unable to find how many passengers or what seating configuration(s) the LAPA 757-200 has. Can anyone help me?


I’m web searching (in Spanish so that should help) right now, will get back to you when I finish

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This obviously isn’t going to be 100% accurate since it was nearly two decades ago, but here’s this article from 2010:

Thus, LAPA incorporates a Boeing 757 aircraft, model 2Q8 msn 26332 line 688, registered LV-WMH , which was purchased new from the factory and delivered on September 15, 1995, acquired under the leasing system through ILFC.
The Boeing 757 was first seen and photographed at Boeing Field on September 25, 1995. It was configured to carry 227 single-class seats, arranged in 3 x 3 rows with state-of-the-art individual entertainment screens. Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW2040 engines, it featured a modern EFIS in the cockpit.

It says individual entertainment screens but I’m not sure if that’s right. It does have overhead screens.

Here’s a second source, a trip report written in 2014 about a 1996 flight:

There we got our Boarding Pass and dropped off our luggage. We were in row 37, seat E and F. the second to last row. The plane was complete case !!! The cabin was configured for 225 seats in a single class and divided into three sectors

And it looks like that’s the seat map:

The trip report has a lot more pictures from the flight so it looks real. If that’s the right seat map, it’s 225 seats like the writer says.


@Stellar_G how is your research coming?

@Ishrion thanks!

I have the same question with regards to Ladeco too. @Ishrion @Stellar_G

I’ll see what I can find.

It’s gonna be hard considering when you search “ladeco 757 seat” this is the first thing that shows up:



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