LAPA B737-700 | LV-ZSJ ‘Centaurus’

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Hello everyone! Thanks for looking at this post. LAPA is a defunct airline of Argentina, but was a key player in Argentina’s aviation history. This airline was the first to break the status quo of Aerolíneas being the major airline of Argentina. It had competed with Aerolíneas for the rest of its operational history, until filing for bankruptcy in 2003 due to economic issues in Argentina.

LV-ZSJ did not have a long service time with LAPA, only serving with LAPA from November 1999 until LAPA went under economic problems under the turmoil of Argentine Great Depression, thus this airframe being retired from LAPA in 2001. Though, it has a very nice livery. This airframe was named ‘Centaurus’, like most of LAPA’s aircraft, named after constellations in the night sky.

LAPA is present in Infinite Flight with their 757-200 LV-WMH ‘Sirius’.

LV-ZSJ continued to serve in the skies with other registries and airlines, ultimately ending up with Southwest Airlines as N7818L, withdrawn from service on the 6th of May 2023.

The original NG configuration with flat wings and cockpit windows - very cool design indeed!