Lao Airlines A320-200

This is definitely one of my favourite liveries on the A320 and is owned by Laos flag carrier Lao Airlines. I’ve flown on this beaut countless times in real life (if you’re wondering why, my dad used to be stationed there).

About Lao Airlines:
Lao Airlines - Wikipedia

About the A320:
Airbus A320 family - Wikipedia

Nice Livery!

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not bad livery
and there needs more airlines from laos, cambodia and any other countries i have forgotten nearby

but i spent too much votes, sorry

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That’s a beautiful livery! Hope to see this with a future livery addition!

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Just a little bump, it sure would be great to see her in IF!

I’d like to see this livery on IF, I voted!

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Flown on them too. Voted ✔️


Thanks for your votes @TheKnP_KK and @MishaCamp!

Bump! Would be an awesome livery to fly in Laos in, I swear that I haven’t once seen an aircraft there in LiveFlight 😂

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Haha, airports in Laos are quite challenging btw

True! But isn’t that just a bunch of fun? 😉

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This deserves a big bump!

Seen it in Bangkok often! Very nice livery

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