Language Teams

Hello All,

To help people, who need help ;-) I think, it was better if we have a Topic with every “Language Team”

French Team :

Founder : @Flying-Switzerland & @grxninesix

Contributors : @Justin_Cardoso_Picar @AF330 @Skylines @Olivier123 @Flying-Switzerland @Sam1

Website :

Spanish Team

Founder? :

Contributors: @Alan_Perez @Bylrret

Website :

It’s easy now !

Dutch Team : 15 (Language Teams) German team : post 22 (Language Teams)


@BavariaAVIATION & @Aviationluver fell free to change my post, to add your contributors…

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I dont think I am on a team but if you need Spanish put me down

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Sure ! I add you now !

@philippe should get the credit for founder, put me down as contributor, he created the thread for Spanish Support

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No problem but, I want to know if philippe is ok ? Because I can’t add them if he doesn’t want…

Sorry 😥

There is no need to tag Philippe multiple times on this topic.

Please let it be clear that these “teams” are not official, and subsequently are not affiliated with FDS, Infinite Flight, or this community forum.


Understood, just want to give credit where it is due.

You can add me to the German Team. I speak fluent German.
To prove it: Du kannst much Mitglied machen fürs German Team. Ich spreche gutes Deutsch.

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And dutch ,me @Snelweg_A15 @Joost3008 @flyingdutchman
@Jan speaks dutch!


Don’t add me!


I also speak Spanish too! Yo también hablo español!

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Kein problem ! Es ist gut für mich !


Could you maybe turn this into a wiki so everyone can add changes, etc.?

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Dutch Team

Founder : @DS2001

Contributors : @Snelweg_A15 @Joost3008 @flyingdutchman @Jan @DS2001 @Ilyas

Website : ?

It’s more easy now !

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Yeah sure but just tell me how 😂😂

Can you post the members of the German Team?

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Yeahh sure, I think I erased it 😥

Just press the square button with the pencil in it ;)

OK thanks!