Language Options in Game

@C-5 brought about a very good topic about language and ATC. @FlyFi discussed adding the ability to type. I commend both of these members for their ideas and give credit to them for jump starting this but I want to take this language discussion a little further and in a different direction.

To start my request

  1. No ability to type to ATC.
  2. Language should not be limited to ATC.

Here is what I am thinking:

We have a universal command list for every pilot and every ATC. Lets keep this command list but give the option to change the language it is in. Let me put it to you this way:


  1. Pushback
  2. Taxi to runway _____
  3. Takeoff from runway ____


  1. Empujar del puerto
  2. Taxi a la pista ______
  3. Despego de la pista_____

No matter what language your commands are in, the ATC will see it in his/her language. No matter what language the ATC is in, you will see their command in your language.

1 goes to 1
2 goes to 2
3 goes to 3

This feature would not only aid the community in communication in game but will be a huge breakthrough for our language barriers.

What do you guys think?


The English commands translate to another language. I like it.

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Nice, very good idea.

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I think is a very good idea. I could help with the translation


¡Fantástico! Fantastic!


I wouldn’t use it since it’s unrealistic…


its understandable if you dont want to use something like this because of realism but having people of all ages on the simulator is also unrealistic but we do have them as well.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Spanish are officially recognized languages for ATC.


I think French is with it aswell

But then you should be hearing the different languages on ATC

But there shouldn’t be French ATC in L.A. for example


thank you @Alan_Perez for helping the idea of my topic. I wanted the Devs would use this as a major change to the infinite flight. This can help many users. I will give further support for this


As English is the aviation language this means it needs to be spoken by most people and yes in cases they don’t use it they use their own language but if a pilot can only speak English then the ATC must know how to speak English, regardless everyone in avaiation should speak English as a basic skill but on IF it seems unnecessary seeing as in real life everyone can usually speak basic English but on If not all players can so maybe it would be good for that reason but in my opinion I don’t think it makes it more realistic and I would prefer more planes and advancements then language options. This is just my opinion but I do understand why you would want this


I understand this is something you wouldn’t necessarily use but I’m not thinking about using it either. My intention is for the community as a whole. IF is not used just by you and me. Don’t forget we hit 10,000 members on just the forums. Think about those that use IF and are not even on the forums.


Out of those 10,000+ members, I have no doubt that there are those struggling. Not everyone has the privilege to know and understand English. This is for them.


This is only useful and will subsequently only be used by those who don’t speak English, therefore it won’t affect your flight at all if as @Alan_Perez is suggesting you here the commands in English (if you set your language to English) and others here it in their chosen language. So I don’t really get why so many people are so completely against the idea.


exactly, if you are good with English then keep it as is

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Actually this sounds similar to this already!

Idk if it’s going to be a duplicate or not but I just find both similar

He recently changed the title to controlling in other languages. I did give him credit based off what he had written at the time, if you read my first line.

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