Langley 3D

Dpes anyone know when Langley become 3D???

No, there is no exact timeframes of when airports will get done, but the plan for the future is every airport will be 3D.

I have a friend who is an editor and it is 3d for him, does that mean anything

Probably because he’s an editor lol?

That would mean that it’s been finished and will be released in the next update 😀

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This is not necessarily true.

It’s entirely possible the airport was started and abandoned, meaning there are some incomplete buildings around the airport. Maybe it’s in progress but won’t be approved by the next release. It looks 3D at a glance, but we’d all be upset with the quality if it was released to the public.

Just because some of the airport is 3D doesn’t mean it’s ready to be released.


well than can yall work on that for us?? and while your at it could you work on the f-22 that is based at Langley

Airport Editors don’t take airport requests. The goal for IF is to add every airport in the world.

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some editors don’t, however some do. BUT, they will reach out to u, dont reach out to them

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