Landor = best livery

since the Landor is unarguably the best livery, i decided to do the last flight.

minimod repellant


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facts about G-BNLY

This aircraft G-BNLY was originally delivered to British airways on the 25th of February 1993. It operated normal flights up until the 9th of march 2019, when it flew to Belfast and was painted in the 1984 Landor & associates livery, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of combined BOAC, BEA and British airways. They also repainted G-BYGC in the BOAC livery, G-EUPJ in the BEA livery and G-CIVB in the 1974 Negus livery.

Here is what the actual plane looks like

Sadly, because of the pandemic British airways retired all of their 747’s from active service. The last passenger flight that G-BNLY operated was BAW59 from Johannesburg to Heathrow, it then flew to Bournemouth, then Cardiff, and the final flight of this aircraft was operated as BAW9154. Thank you, city of Swansea

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If only the Queen had the best BA livery ever in IF…

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Agreed, it would be a better place

Of you want this livery here is the vote!

I was rostered, to fly on the last British Airways 747-400. From Miami to Heathrow. We departed at 21:19 and arrived 9:52 local time the following morning. Brilliant flight crew.😂

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Very nice! I flew on the 747 from Miami to Heathrow once, that was where i saw the Landor actually! It was in February 2020 (just before they retired)

You work for BA?

I’m glad you experienced, one of our flights, on the 747 fleet. Did you enjoy, our inflight service?

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Yes, I fight Cabin Manager. With BA, since 1996


It was very good, i can’t really remember it because i was 12, but it was very nice (that’s what i remember!)

Inflight Cabin Manager, bad spelling

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Sad BA retired out 747 fleet, on July 2020. I remember it well. Our crew receiving the news. Many fond memories.

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Yes, i have been on many flights with ba, im going on one on Monday!

I have to agree, Landor was incredible. I loved the idea that BA brought with having retro 744’s up until the end (thanks Covid). Even on the 777 it looked incredible. I’d love to see this livery on a Dreamliner or the A350-1000.

Agreed, a350 would look cool