Landon credits

I’m on Expert and I’m not getting credited for my landings can someone help me please

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First of all, can you confirm that you’re landing on a runway between the 2 thresholds; and if you’re doing multiple landings, can you confirm there’s at least 30s between the touchdowns?

Secondly, can you confirm that you’re looking at the Total Landings statistic, and not the Landings (90 days) stat?

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I’m doing complete landings taking instructions from atc ground to taxi to parking and shutting down engines then Exiting game I’m not getting credited for my landings in 90 days now I just Completed a flight on training and was credited for that flight on level 3 I’m
Confused sorry ant help would be Appreciated Thank you

Are your Total Landings increasing though? If yes, then your landings are indeed counted.

The 90-day landings may fluctuate quite a bit - for example, you may have done 1 landing today, but you may have also done 2 landings 91 days ago, which means the latter 2 landings no longer count towards your 90-day landings stat, and therefore, your net 90-day landings will be decreased by 1.

Thanks for your feedback I really appreciate that thank you

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