Landmarks for Visual Approaches

I would like to see basic landmarks used on visual approaches placed in the sim as 2D or 3D objects.

The twin tanks, parks, expressway and baseball stadium used on the KLGA Runway 31 visual approach, would be one example. The tanks and stadium would be 3D but the expressway and parks could just be 2D at terrain level (really, the parks would just be green areas, similar to a grass landing strip).

Other signature objects such as the Freedom Tower and airport towers would be nice also. And who could forget the infamous “checkerboard hill” for Kai Tak! That would just be a 2D object on the side of a bump in the terrain.

There are other landmarks and visual approaches too. The bridge over the Potomac in DC, the mall in Seattle… I’m not talking 'sight-seeing" here. All these landmarks are on the charts.

With “Global Flight” using a server to download and cache terrain images, couldn’t a few 2D and 3D objects be downloaded too?


3D… welll uh technically uh nah. but 2D landmark would be cool. For some of that good area sense. Like on final into HHR there’s a Target and a couple other store just before landing.

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I mean global scenery is photo real I’m pretty sure do you will be able to see them on the ground


I’m pretty sure Canarsie/Old airport isn’t shown when performing a Canarsie approach at JFK either. Cool idea.

The world is around!

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Yeah you’re right. Floyd Bennet Field isn’t even in Infinite Flight.

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And it’s currently used for one of the NYPD’s Bell Helicopters.

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Coming soon… 2030…


In global they would have to add a lot but I agree it is cool

This is an interesting point, however remember global will bring satellite images- the resolution will be enough for major roads, stadiums, bridges. Perhaps models could be introduced but these will look out of place just being there alone.

However, what about introducing a small set of models for VRPs?


In one of the departures out of KSFO you go just over the city then go over the Golden Gate. And as for the KSFO arrival, the San Mateo bridge is a big landmark if you hit foggy weather (which is usually the case in San Fran).

I guess one key question is what will “Global” look like at approach and final altitudes. Screenshots look amazing at cruise altitudes but what about below 3,000’? Does an airport or key landmarks just look like 2D smudges on the ground?

The 2D stuff I mentioned should translate OK (parks, checkerboards, etc), but even a simple generic 3D control tower would be highly desirable. Again, no NYC skyline (at first) but the key landmarks on the visual approach charts.

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They actually used to use this before we have the system we now have in aircraft of virtual waypoints! It would definitely be cool to see but is like the other 3D building topics…

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And… What is the point of the landmarks? Are they supposed to help you land? 🤔


From what I know, they serve as visual references for pilots especially when they’re performing visual approaches (Kai Tak checkerboard, twin tanks near KLGA, etc).


When global comes I think they use satellite images so the 2d part of your feature might come. The 3D part however…that might take awhile.

I’m not sure about this one, I think the terrain would look weird if you were on approach to JFK and saw this 1776 ft tower sticking out of flat terrain, maybe we should wait for them to add 3D models :).

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Agreed, but how realistic is a blurry surface as it is now? Even Google Earth imagery at street level looks weird (not the street view, though). Looks like buildings were flattened by a steam roller.

I guess only the Dev’s and the beta testers know what it will look like at this point.

Again, a tower here, a pair of water tanks there… just the landmarks for navigating a visual approach as per the charts.

I listened to a live ATC broadcast once and the controller said to each plane on approach “At the two tanks, turn bearing xxx and let us know when you have the airport in sight”. I had no idea what he meant until I read the chart.

Just sayin’ I wish I could see those tanks. …and Citi Field.

This would be really cool, especially if there was moving traffic on roads

Can’t believe 50 people have wasted one of their limited number of forum feature votes (see the main thread - link below) for a feature that could well possibly already be included [whether inadvertently or not] when global satellite imagery is released! Further to that, less than 5% of the people I see flying on IF even use anything remotely close to real world procedures!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good idea, but like I said, it’s likely that at least a ‘basic’ form of this will be inadvertently included in Global. The stated resolution should clearly make things such as the ‘two white tanks’ and ‘park’ clearly visible