Yes I did have a strong live connection. And I’m in Australia so it might change overnight.

As stated before. Do pattern work and T&G’s
Step 1) Land as close to the centre line as possible and make sure your spoilers are set to armed if you don’t have them no big deal forget setting spoilers then.
Step 2) When you land, activate reverse thrusters for 2 seconds then roll for 2 seconds then power up and take off.
T&G’s are a simple thing. So to make sure they count, listen to the timing that @Nate_Schneller as said, and go to the status bar and change one of the many options to landings, and the landings tab is located on the far most right one at the bottom. Hope this helps.

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Check the landing criteria as stated above
I thought I’d share my way of getting xp and landings. Make sure you’re in casual

  1. Go in the xcub at kedw and make yourself as light as possible then deploy full flaps
  2. Get an analogue clock or a phone or anything that shows seconds
  3. Takeoff and hold the plane just over the runway and every 35 seconds bring it down again
  4. Profit
    You can fit in 16 landings before you run out of runway and you have to turn around the only problem is it gets a bit tedious. I got grade 4 in less than a week. The reason I choose kedw is because it has an extremely long runway. Make sure you don’t touch down too early or it won’t count the landing, make sure your main wheels touch down and that you touch down on the runway or it won’t count. I recommended showing the landings in the status bar so you can keep track.
    Hope this helps!
    I only ever do this if I’m extremely desperate, if I want a few more landings then I just do pattern work
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The system isn’t counting them as a landing but . I only joined 3 days ago- will this affect it

Wait dos this mean that it only updates every 30 seconds or it only counts a landing per 30 seconds.

The second one. You must be airborne for at least 30 seconds before you can touch down and have it count as a landing.

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So say 10 landings would take 5 minutes?

You would be able to do a maximum of 10 landings in 5 minutes, yes.


are you sure you’re doing it every 35 seconds and the main gear is touching down on the runway? Bear in mind this method should only be used if it’s you’re desperate, or if you want to do it extremely quickly, if it’s still not working can you pm me a replay? And are you sure you’re doing it on live?

It will not make any difference :).

Be aware you need to fly on the Live Servers to get landings, NOT SOLO.

I was on live servers. See link below to a clip of me taking off then touching down. Then a photo of my landing count.

I have also done the required 25

Just a tip. You need to get to 1000 XP so you need 271 more then your ready for grade 2. But the landings are still a mystery. May I ask, did you have a strong internet connection as the circle up the topic is yellow and it should be green.

So I can level up without a landing? @Qantas094

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Yes I did have strong connection @Qantas094 that was a weather thing

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No you cannot I was just advising you that you still need 271 more XP to level up once you get the 25 landings which did get added to your account.

From the video it looked as though you didn’t even land in the runway, so from those 25 landings how many did you land on the runway?

All of them @Qantas094

Image new

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Can you try doing another pattern at EGLL in the same aircraft right now, I will spawn in as well to confirm that you actually landed.

@Qantas094 can I do it at a time tomorrow (11am YMML TIMETOMORROw)if that’s fine with you

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