I have done some landings but it still says 0/25


Landings count in 30 second intervals. If you land within that 30 second timeframe, the timer resets

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Hey, this is your third post about the same topic. Please stay on one topic, please. Thanks!


You didn’t need to make duplicate post :)

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The current landing criteria are followed.

And your landing must be on global

@ThePlaneFlyer also as said dont make duplicate topics. Here are some links to get you started.

Welcome to the Comunitay😁

Is anyone able to add the ones to my account

Was it did on solo or live?

I did the 25 on live and then 10 on solo

We cannot add landings to your stats for you and Solo landings will not have an impact on your Live stats.


Landings only count on Live. And did you follow the landing criteria I gave. The current landing criteria are followed.

So how am I meant to advance to tier 2

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Grade 2? Check your grade table

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I have but all I need are the landings I have already done (and how did you become a moderator)

Luke, this user is trying to level up and needs the landings to go to the next grade.


Do pattern work

I have done pattern work and done the required 25 landings

I’m not a Community moderate. @Levet is a moderate

I was talking to @Levet

You taged me. And moderits are selected by staff

I’m not sure. Did you have strong live connection