Hello IFC,
I don’t think a topic like this has been created.

In this topic people can discuss Landings they have had, such as videos and descriptions of the landing. I’ll start off by showing everyone this AA 737 Landing

Please tell me if this video doesn’t work!

Regulars or anyone else please tell me if this is a duplicate or should be moved to a different category.

Thanks everyone!


#screenshots-and-videos : exists


Thanks, I couldn’t find one…

It’s an entire category. How did you not find it?


It just didn’t pop up

He changed it

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Yes, I got It now

Ok, so where’s the video?


It’s on there

I don’t see it. I saw a Slack link before but it’s no longer there.

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Did I fix it?

Yes, however some people may not have Slack and are required to create an account to view it. I suggest uploading it to YouTube and pasting the link.


Ok fixing it now

I think I got It fixed

Still don’t see a video.

Is this just for your landing or everyone’s?

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It’s Up now, I like constructive criticism! Judge away!

You don’t make a topic for everyone’s. The category is for everyone. This post is just for yours.

Then what category would it go in?

What he means is that this category is for everyone and this post is for you :/. What he is basically saying is that you don’t have to make a post for everyone.