Why isn’t my landings being counted, I’ve had two since the nine

Do you mean landings in the last 90 days or landings in total?

If landings in the last 90 days, that’s on a roll count. Say i got 5 landings, 90 days later those 5 would be removed from my 90 days.

For total, if you’re doing touch and goes, few steps:)

  1. Proper approach speed. With flaps.
  2. All wheels on the ground. and land in the centre line.
  3. Use reverse thrusters and breaks and have spoilers set to armed for 3-5 seconds. Then roll for one or so.
  4. Speed up and repeat.

Side note: In the staus bar on the bottom of your screen you can put the landing count setting and it’ll tell you the amount of landings you have. and if they don’t show up, close the app and reopen it

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