There’s something weird that happens on some planes when I land.
Let’s be clear: if I try to land a 777, 787, A319 or he Daher I can perfectly manage to do it without any problem.
As soon as I try to land the A340 (sometimes the A330 too), the plane touches down, it turns to the left and it starts spinning on the ground with me completely losing control of it. I nearly got a violation for this! Can anyone explain? Thanks in advance.

Do you have a replay so we can see what you mean and help diagnose the issue?


Is this every time you land an A340 or A330, or is it just crosswinds?

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Firstly the rule here when landing as follows:

  • You must be way below 200 KIAS speed when landing.

  • During a hard crosswind aim for the center line. The second before touchdown, turn the rudder to aim the aircraft in a straight line, since crosswinds will land you diagonally. If you won’t, you will land the plane diagonally from the runway fall into the grass.

There is no problem to land the Airbus A330. Although problems do occur on the A340, since the physics is not updated. I don’t have any problems landing these aircrafts though. A simple practice will solve your problems.


The last time I was above 200 kt IAS but it happened more than once, and most of the times I land at 150/160 kt.
I don’t think it was in crosswind, but it still happens even though I might not be in crosswind. Thanks for the tips, anyway

I’ve watched a replay of an episode before sending it and I’ve noticed that it only happens when the plane doesn’t flare. For some reason, the plane might not flare.

You should always land at around 130- 145 knots depending on weight. And right before you touch down, you want move the rudder in the opposite direction of the crosswind ( if there is any crosswind) so that the plane is facing in line with the runway. Once you land, you want to make sure that you are in control of the aircraft by using the rudder whilst showing down.


If you’re too fast with full flaps (i.e. above 175 kts) flaring doesn’t work well.


Oh… really?

Landings on all aircrafts are mostly the same equation, but I do want to take note that most of aircrafts’ gears grip on the ground very tightly when touch down, so make sure that you use sufficient rudder power to align your aircraft with the centre line before actually having all your gears on the ground.

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